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                 Shanghai Bodn Industrial Co.,Ltd was founded in 2006, located at Shanghai China. Company have professional

          engineers focused on Resarch & Development, And have high precision testing equipments: R & S Network analyzer

          Spectrum Analyzer, Microwave Anechoic Chamber, High (+90℃) and low (-40℃) temperature tester, Tensile tester,

          Slat Spray test machine.  And we have long term cooperate partners like Coaxial Cable Factory,  Connector Factory,

          Metal  and  plastic molded  factory and other accessories factory and suppliers. All of these not only guaranteed the

          product quality and ensured delivery time too.

                 Our product mainly including TV/DVB-T Antenna, CB Antenna, VHF & UHF Radio Antenna, Car Antenna, Mobile

          phone Repeater and other antennas and accessories. For our high quality product and competitive price,our product

          sales well at Europe, North America, Oceania, Sourtheast Asian markets. In order to protect our customer's interests

          and brands,  our products accord the specification of FCC,  EN wireless  communications standards  and achieve CE,

          RoHS. The production quality management system accord ISO9002 specification.

                 Choose Bodn, choose the high-quality products, resonable price, 24 hours global online and after-sales services.

          Customer's criticism is the foundation of our growth, client's satisfaction is greatest success.