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          Industry News

          ? Testing Euipment

          In order to ensure that the wireless communication system operating at peak performance, we must first ensure the RF components that used in system should pass the test ,such as cable, antenna, repeater, and keep in good working .condition, most of these tests should in the field the scene, the engine room, basement, desktop measuring instruments can not achieve in this mobile environment.
          R & S FSH portable vector network analyzer is the best equipment in the mobile test implementation network analysis measure equipments.

          R & S FSH spectrum analyzer Main functions:
          Installation and maintenance for the transmitter measurement: power measurement of pulse signal and channel, fault locating measurement, dual-port vector network analysis, scalar network analysis, single-port cable loss measurement, power measurement, directional power measurements.
          The measurement of electromagnetic fields: directional antenna field strength measurements of, with omnidirectional antenna field strength measurement. Diagnostic applications in the lab or services: general-purpose spectrum analysis, EMC fault diagnosis. R & S of FSH design for the transmitter system installation and maintenance, measuring the signal quality of frequency domain and time domain, by the measurement of power and pulse signal, cable fault distance measurement and single-port .cable loss measurements, make vector network analyzer test for antenna matching degree and the power amplifier , measure the transmit power by the power probe.



          Microwave Shielding Laboratory

          In the natural environment, to achieve the conditions of far-field .antenna test is almost im
          possible, an anechoic chamber is the environment that can shield external electromagnetic interference, inhibit the internal electromagnetic multipath reflection interference, can almost entirely absorb the electromagnetic measurement of the incoming wave, it is a great test place to test the electromagnetic radiation and scattering properties of the antenna parameters. it has advantage that width frequency band, stable signal level, strong confidentiality, work throughout whole day, free from external electromagnetic interference, etc., tightening field in a small microwave anechoic chamber to simulate far-field plane-wave electromagnetic environment. Use far-field test equipment and methods, do some measurements and research, such as antenna directional pattern measurement.
          Gain compare, radar cross section measurement, microwave imaging, same time can make the network parameter measurement of microwave circuit components and do the simulation of high-frequency field.


          Mechanical Testing Equipment


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