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          Industry News

          ? Programs of enhance communication distance

          When the geographical environment and electromagnetic environment fixed, in order to ensure the stability of wireless communication and reliable, and fully tap the potential of low-voltage micro-power wireless communication devices, also to achieve economical and practical, can consider the following measures in engineering design:

          ? Increase the effective height of antenna
          Increase the effective height of antenna can significantly expand the communication distance, especially in an urban environment, set up the antenna on the roof can avoid the many obstacles and away from sources of interference, thereby expanding the scope of communication.

          ? Use high-gain antenna
          The antenna is a passive device, can not amplify the signal itself, but the high-gain antennas can significantly improve the energy density in the communication direction, to improve the signal / noise ratio, thereby expanding the scope of communication, its role is similar to the condenser on the flashlight or searchlight.

          ? Shorten the length of the RF cable
          RF signal loss by coaxial cable which connect wireless communications and outdoor antenna, the longer cable the greater loss, the loss of the transmitted RF signal increases will lead to the communication distance decline.

          ? Away from the various sources of interference
          More near from the interference source, the lower signal / noise ratio, also will lead to decreased communication distance. When necessary, can do shielding for the data transmission modules and components which will produce electromagnetic interference, and use the characteristic impedance of 50ΩRF coaxial antenna lead to a place away from sources of interference, while the power cord, signal line which connected to the RF components use the shielded cable, and to increase the necessary filter network, thereby do the greatest drop interference suppression, give full play to the advantages of high receiver sensitivity.

          ? Prior use anti-interference ability wireless communications products
          When the wireless communication receiver in the electromagnetic interference environment, if the anti-interference ability can not keep up, high receiving sensitivity will become meaningless, you should give priority to use anti-interference ability wireless communications products, if it is the digital communication system should also give priority to use the software error correction

          ? Lightning protection, waterproof, moisture protection
          Outdoor antenna system, must take the lightning protection measures, such as lightning rod, lightning arrester installation, for outdoor overhead power supply line, the signal transmission lines have to take lightning protection measures to prevent lightning from the cable in series machine. Outdoor installation RF components should also be made waterproof to prevent flood water entering the machine when it rains, if the device ambient air is more humid, you should also take moisture protection measures, such as placed the desiccant in the appropriate place inside machine and the periodic replacement . In short, to prevent the circuit components rust and failure to work because of the water and moisture.
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