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          Industry News

          ? Micro-Repeater Intro&appli

          Micro-Repeater Introduction

          Micro-repeater is a radio transmitting equipment that enhance the signal while wireless communications transmission, the basic functions is an RF signal power enhancer. Micro-repeater in down-link, pick up the signal from the donor antenna coverage area, isolate the outside band signals excellently through a bandpass filter. Amplify the filtered signal by the amplifier, then re-launched into the the covered area. In the uplink, the mobile phone signal in the coverage area launched to the corresponding base station as the same way that by the uplink amplification link processing to achieve the base stations and cell phone signal transduction.

          ? Micro-cellular repeater is a preferred program that used to enchance the communication network ability of extend and cover, simple structure, less investment and ease installation etc., can be used to improve the quality of communications and solve the dropped call and other problems in the areas that difficult cover ,blind spots and weak signal.

          ? Repeater types: Divided GSM Repeater CDMA Repeater by transmitted signal points; Divided outdoor machine and indoor machine by the installation site; Divided broadband repeater and frequency selection(optional channel) repeater by transmission bandwidth.

          Micro-Repeater Application

          ? Densely urbanized area

          Because of the large amount of users and base station, Make the fill blind and buildings within the coverage in a small area , such as basements, elevators, poor signal office, bar, home and other indoor .areas. The introduction of micro-repeater will be interference to the base station to produce, use low-power (1W) repeater in dense urban areas.

          ? Edge of city, suburb, village, mountain area

          Because of less number of base stations, can use high-power repeater, solve the problem of signal coverage by wireless repeater to extend and cover. Construction sites, car parks, villages, farms, airports, ports, etc., Use directional good high-gain donor antenna to extract more pure source signal, the output power 5W/10W repeater to achieve better coverage effect rate.

          ? Mobile transport vehicles, yachts
          Vehicles and yachts use metal casing, serious signal attenuation and poor communication quality, when antenna height and volume is limited by the high speed, Easily dropped call when channel switching between base stations in regional mobile, can improve communication quality by micro- repeater.

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