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          Industry News

          ? TV amplifier application

          TV receiving antenna amplifier is the ultra frequency, broadband, low noise amplifier that use between antenna and feeder. Used to enhance the weak signal because of too far away receiving, compensate the transmission loss between the antenna and TV, and get the necessary input power to the distributor in a shared antenna system to improve the quality of reception.

          The antenna reception is not satisfactory at the long-distance signal receiving or signal weak area, you will need to install the antenna amplifier between the antenna and TV, in order to improve receiving sensitivity. Usually the antenna amplifier can amplify in to 10 times or more.

          Pay attention to the following questions, when TV antenna amplifier generally used:

          ? antenna amplifier should be consistent with the receive radio, input and output feeder of the antenna amplifier forbid overlap, and can not get too close to avoid feedback or interference.

          ? Note the impedance matching, the input impedance of the antenna amplifier, the output impedance of the antenna and the input impedance of TV should all match. SWR in bandwidth≤ 1:4. Feeder do not too long, increased signal will be seriously degraded in the process of transfer to the TV.

          ? The antenna gain of the amplifier have high and low types. High-gain antenna amplifier gain is usually 20- 40dB , the radio can receive programs hundreds of kilometers away with Yagi antenna.
          Low-gain antenna is 10-20dB gain amplifier, the TV can receive programs tens of kilometers away with the whip antenna, helical antenna . To make appropriate choices in the selection, it is not the higher gain the better.

          ? If the effect is no significant change or effect worse than before, after you install the antenna amplifier, it is caused by installation errors, you should carefully check and install the correct installation method.

          ?TV with outdoor antenna , need to install the antenna amplifier and Yagi antenna. And install lightning protection equipment to prevent lightning.


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