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          Industry News

          ? Antenna application

          The higher antenna gain, the farther communication distance, and increasing the power density of the emission direction, the receiving antenna can reduce signal noise and improve the reception field strength.
          ?Low-gain 0~3.5 dBi antenna: Handheld whip antenna, helical antenna, rod antenna, suitable for car radio portable mobile radio station. Wireless routers, cordless phones, wireless switches etc.

          ?Mid Gain 5.5 - 7dBi antenna: magnetic base and mounting bracket install whip antenna, helical antenna, antennas that suitable for car radio or fixed radio station.


           ? High gain 8.0~10dBi omni-directional antennas: outdoor mounting bracket install whip antenna, helical antenna, vertical antenna, apply to the fixed radio station, base station or trucked network.


          ?High-gain 10 - 12dBi directional antenna: outdoor mounting bracket install Yagi Antenna, periodic antenna., panel antenna, etc., applicable to GSM, CDMA Cellular repeater, base station. TV or distant fixed radio station.


          Antenna Position in the Wireless Communication

          Radio transmitter output RF signal power and delivery to the antenna by feeders (cables) , then radiated out as the form of electromagnetic waves by the antenna. When the antenna electromagnetic waves reach the receiving site, the next, antenna receive a small part of the power, then send to the radio receiver through the feeder. The antenna is an important radio equipment for transmitting and receiving electromagnetic waves, there is no antenna there is no radio communication. Antenna have variety kinds, use under different circumstances, as the different frequencies, different purposes, different occasions, different requirements.

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